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Wheaton College
Associate Professor of Music
Chair, Music department
Director of Performance Program

Wheaton College
Assistant Professor of Music

Oberlin Conservatory of Music
Visiting Instructor of Music Theory

New York University, Steinhardt School     
Adjunct Instructor of Music Theory


Columbia University
PhD, Music Theory

Dissertation: “Feeling Machines: Timbre, Expression, and Technological Embodiment in French Spectral Music”

Advisor: Ellie Hisama
Committee: George Lewis, Benjamin Steege, Mariusz Kozak, Jennifer Iverson

Columbia university
MA, Music Theory

Oberlin Conservatory of Music
BMus, Contemporary Improvisation
Principal teachers: Billy Hart, Jamey Haddad, Wendell Logan, Brian Alegant, Rebecca Leydon

Oberlin College
BA, Political Science


music technology and technics, embodied cognition, microtonal music, timbre, theories of affect, music as labor in the age of the internet and artificial intelligence, American avant-gardes, musical modernisms and postmodernisms, improvisation, music theory pedagogy, music education in prisons


Oxford Handbook of Spectral Music
Co-edited with Amy Bauer and Liam Cagney 
New York: Oxford University Press
Anticipated print publication fall 2023

in Oxford Handbook of Spectral Music
co-written with Amy Bauer and Liam Cagney

“Expression and Technologies of Perception in Zosha DiCastri & David Adamcyk’s Phonobellow (2015).
in Oxford Handbook of Spectral and Post-Spectral Music

“Haas, Georg Friedrich.” Grove Music Online.
ed. Deane L. Root. www.oxfordmusiconline.com


Michi Wiancko - Planetary Candidate. New Amsterdam Records. includes my composition Rime for solo violin

Happy Place - Tendrils. Exit Stencil Records composer, drums + electronics, bandleader

Happy Place - Northfield. Exit Stencil Records composer, drums + electronics, bandleader

Will Mason Ensemble - Beams of the Huge Night. New Amsterdam Records.
composer, drums + electronics, bandleader


Music meets Web 3.0: Assessing the Holly+ Decentralized Autonomous Organization
Music and the Internet (University of Chicago)
Chicago, IL

Holly, Plus Whom?: The Holly+ Deepfake and Musical Labor Under Artificial Intelligence
Instruments, Interfaces, Infrastructures (Harvard University)
Cambridge, MA

Some Embodied Poetics of EQ and Compression
Society for Music Theory Annual Meeting (jointly with American Musicological Society and Society for Ethnomusicology)
New Orleans, LA

Invited presentation: Georg Friedrich Haas and the French Spectral School
“Spectralism and After” course, Prof. Mischa Salkind-Pearl
Boston Conservatory at Berklee College of Music, Boston MA

Invited keynote: “Metaphors of Construction in the Recording Studio.”
University of Connecticut Graduate Music Forum
Storrs, CT

“Workshop: Teaching Timbre in the Aural Skills Curriculum”
Pedagogy Into Practice: Music Theory Pedagogy Conference
Santa Barbara, CA

“Locating the Afrological in the Acousmatic Music of Matana Roberts”
Society for American Music annual meeting
New Orleans, LA

“Vocal Synthesis and Figural Narratives in Grisey’s Les Chants de l’Amour
Society for Music Theory Annual Meeting
San Antonio, TX

“New Amsterdam Records: An Oral History” (Invited panelist)
New Music Gathering
Boston, MA

“French Spectralism’s Technological Legacy in DiCastri and Adamcyk’s Phonobellow
American Musicological Society Annual Meeting
Rochester, NY

“Liminal Spaces in Georg Friedrich Haas’ limited approximations
Society for Music Theory Annual Meeting
Arlington, VA

“Hugues Dufourt and the ‘Subject’ of Computer Music”
Oxford University, Oxford, UK

“Genesis of formal and narrative structures in Grisey’s Les Chants de l’Amour
Paul Sacher Foundation
Basel, Switzerland

“Affect in contemporary electroacoustic music: A perspective from embodied cognition”
NUNC2: Northwestern University New Music Conference
Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

“Some theoretical properties of 72-tone equal temperament and their realization in Georg Friedrich Haas’ limited approximations
Music Theory Society of New York State
Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY

“Collaborative Learning in the Music Theory Classroom and Lab”
Pedagogy workshop at Columbia University
Columbia University, New York, NY

“Grisey and the Posthuman Voice”  
Gérard Grisey, the Spectral Moment, and its Legacy
McGill University, Montréal, QC, Canada

“Sonic Transgression in Recent Extreme Metal Music”
Music Theory Society of New York State.
Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY


Rhode Island State Council for the Arts in support of compositions for cello, percussion, electronics, and two pianos in 29-tone just intonation

Mellon Foundation / UNH Center for Humanities Seed Grant Grant to mount a concert and roundtable conversations in Maine featuring Somali immigrants, and to document those concerts for the web
Mellon Foundation / UNH Summer Institute for the Public Humanities
Participated in week-long training for humanities scholars to craft and execute public humanities projects

Wheaton College Library Technology and Learning Committee Grant

Puffin Foundation West Grant is for artistic projects thematizing social or environmental justice

GSAS Teaching Scholars University-wide fellowship to design and teach the course “Music and Technology in Critical Perspective”
Paul Sacher Stiftung Scholarship three month fellowship to study the manuscripts of Gérard Grisey
Barker Endowed Fellowship, Columbia University Honorary fellowship awarded via nomination by music department faculty; awarded fellowship two years in a row
Columbia University Lead Teaching Fellowship
H.S. Gerstle Travel Grant


Society for Music Theory Award for Diversity in Course Design adjudication committee member
Honors thesis advisor: electroacoustic art song cycle
Wheaton College Provost Advisory Committee, Chair

Wheaton College AAUP, Vice President
Wheaton College Provost Advisory Committee, Chair
Honors thesis advisor: Dett, Beach, Ives, and American Identity in Art Song
Search committee member, Vice President of Marketing, Wheaton College
External reviewer, UC Davis promotion dossier
Q+A and concert with Anna Webber. Organizer and moderator, Wheaton College
Q+A and concert with andPlay string duo. Organizer and moderator, Wheaton College
Faculty advisor, Wheaton Music Cooperative (ongoing)

SMT Scholars for Social Responsibility Interest Group program committee
Wheaton College Curriculum Committee
Wheaton College First Year Experience Steering Committee
Wheaton College Writing subcommittee, Educational Policy Committee.
Music department colloquium series organizer and chair (Ongoing)
Music technology lab fundraising

Wheaton College Music Department Anti-Racism task force (with Matthew Allen)
Q+A and presentation with Courtney Bryan. Organizer and moderator, Wheaton College
Q+A and presentation with Matthew Morrison. Organizer and moderator, Wheaton College
Q+A and presentation with Marc Hannaford. Organizer andmoderator, Wheaton College
Wheaton College Writing subcommittee, Educational Policy Committee.

Project Spectrum faculty mentor (ongoing)
Faculty advisor, Wheaton Radio Station and Recording Club (ongoing)
Faculty advisor, Wheaton Music Cooperative (ongoing)
Program committee member, New England Conference of Music Theorists 2019
Peer reviewer, Music Theory Online
Peer reviewer, Music Theory Spectrum
Honors thesis committee member, Wheaton College
Q+A and presentation with Paula Harper. Organizer and moderator, Wheaton College
Q+A and concert with Tyshawn Sorey. Organizer and moderator, Wheaton College
Q+A and presentation with Asha Tamirisa. Organizer andmoderator, Wheaton College
Music theory curriculum redesign, Wheaton College

Q+A with Steve Lehman. Organizer and moderator, Oberlin Conservatory
Q+A with Caroline Shaw. Organizer and moderator, Oberlin Conservatory

Columbia Music Theory Pedagogy Group Founder and Chair 2012-2015
New York Music Theory Pedagogy Study Group Member 2015-2017
Current Musicology Reviews Editor 2015-2016 Solicited and edited reviews for a special issue titled Race, Sound, and Technology “Women Music Power” Conference, Symposium Performance Manager 2015
Current Musicology Editorial Board Member 2011-2017


Happy Place at Roulette (Brooklyn NY)
Happy Place in concert presented by WUOL Louisville KY

Somali Independence Day Celebration and Roundtable Discussions, Portland ME Organized and documented; funded through UNH/Mellon Foundation grant

Cleveland Uncommon Sound Project: Will Mason (solo electronics concert)
Will Mason Electroacoustic Quintet at Roulette (Brooklyn, NY)
With Charlotte Mundy, Matt Mitchell, Miles Okazaki, and Greg Chudzik
Soo. Noolaynta Dhaqanka Soomaaliyeed (Rebirth of the Somali Culture) Co-curator and co-organizer; performed songs in collaboration with local Somali musicians and poets in Portland ME. Raised over $4,000 for Somali Mainer Youth Network Nouveau Classical Project - ‘Larsen C’ for chamber ensemble 2018 Co-commission with NCP and the Puffin Foundation

Michi Wiancko - ‘Rime’ for solo violin 2016
Premiered at Art of Elan & Villa Musica, San Diego CA

Will Mason Ensemble at Le Poisson Rouge (NYC) 2015
Mannes College: The Music of Will Mason 2015 Performance of my compositions by the Mannes College The New School for Music jazz ensemble, which I coached for a week


Wheaton College

Music Theory I, II + III
Seminar: Twentieth Century Music
Seminar: Analytic Approaches to Western Music
Seminar: Tonality at the Fringes
Senior seminar: Music and/as labor
Music Technology I: Composing for Fixed Media
Music Technology II: Live and interactive electroacoustic music
First year seminar: Sing The Body Electric: Making and Consuming Music in the Digital Age
First year seminar: What Is Music? (Co-taught with Professor of Psychology Katherine Eskine)
First year seminar: Mind, Evolution, Culture (with Professor of Literature Tom Dolack)

Independent studies: Max/MSP and instrument building; intersections of analysis + performance in Chopin preludes op 28; analysis of art songs by Ives Beach and Dett; advanced music production and recording; corpus analysis of Thelonious Monk compositions

Oberlin Conservatory

General Music Theory: “Music of Today” (survey course for non-majors, focused on music by six living composers as a foil for looking at broader trends in contemporary music. Composers were: Caroline Shaw, Kaija Saariaho, Tyshawn Sorey, John Luther Adams, Liza Lim, and Matana Roberts)

Music Theory III: Chromatic Harmony

New York University, Steinhardt School

Graduate Review of Tonal Theory


Interactive Sound and Video, Terence Pender
Tonal Analysis, Alfred Lerdahl
Set Theory, Joseph Dubiel
Musical Improvisation: Philosophy and Aesthetics, George Lewis
Media and Technology, Brian Larkin
Microtonality, Georg Friedrich Haas
Analysis of Popular Music, Ellie Hisama
Music 1900-1950, George Lewis
Music 1950-Present, Alfred Lerdahl
Schenkerian Analysis, L. Poundie Burstein
Advanced Analysis, Joseph Dubiel
Modal Counterpoint, Peter Schubert
Proseminar in Music Theory, Benjamin Steege
Proseminar in Music Theory, Joseph Dubiel
Proseminar in Historical Musicology, Karen Henson
History of Music Theory, Benjamin Steege