Here is a list of resources for my intro-level music technology students at the end of the semester. This is a non-exhaustive list meant to inspire rather than overwhelm. That being said, I welcome suggestions for additional resources to include, with a preference for sources that are free or low-cost.

General audio/production resources:

Why Reaper?
(Comprehensive and excellent list of resources from Jeff Kaiser: free plugins and VSTs, tutorials aimed at Reaper but generalizable to any DAW, etc.)

Tape Op Magazine

Free plug-ins list of free plugins
TDR Kotelnikov dynamics processor
TDR Nova parallel dynamic EQ
TDR Molotok dynamics processor
Surge XT hybrid synthesizer
OrilRiver stereo reverb
Voxengo plugin library
Surge Tuning Workbench Synth

Recording, Mixing, Mastering:

Huber and Runstein - Modern Recording Techniques

Savage - Mixing and Mastering Inside the Box

Owsinksi - Mastering Engineer’s Handbook

Corey - Audio Production and Critical Listening: Technical Ear Training
(I can’t recommend this one highly enough...)

Live sound:

(searchable index of source samples for a sprawling range of music)

Justin Williams - Rhymin' and Stealin': Musical Borrowing in Hip-Hop

Logic Pro:

Ableton Live:
(also great for general songwriting and beatmaking inspiration)

Max MSP:  (“Delicious Max Tutorials”)

Schuette - Demystifying Max/MSP

Manzo - Max/MSP/Jitter for Music

Analog synths and DIY:

Collins - Handmade Electronic Music

Edstrom - Arduino for Musicians

Music Theory and Songwriting

Snodgrass - Contemporary Musicianship

Sarath - Music Theory through Improvisation

Edwards - How To Rap: The Art and Science of the Hip-Hop MC

Desantis - Making Music: 74 Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers

Sethares - Tuning, Timbre, Spectrum, Scale

Critical and Historical Inquiry

Tara Rodgers - Pink Noises

King Britt - Blacktronika: Exploring Innovators of Color in Electronic Music

Jon Silpayamanant - DAW, Music Production, and Colonialism, a Bibliography

Joanna Demers - Listening through the Noise

Alexa Woloshyn - Electroacoustic Voices: Sounds Queer, and Why It Matters

Deniz Peters et al. - Bodily Expression in Electronic Music

Tricia Rose - Black Noise: Rap Music and Black Culture in Contemporary America

Michel Chion - Sound, an Acoulogical Treatise (trans James Steintrager)

R. Murray Schafer - The Soundscape 

Bennett - Modern Records, Maverick Methods: Technology and Process in Popular Music Record Production 1978-2000

Alexander Weheliye - “Feenin”: Posthuman Voices in Contemporary Black Popular Music. Social Text 20.2 (2002) 21-47

Georgina Born - Rationalizing Culture: IRCAM, Boulez, and the Institutionalization of the Musical Avant-Garde

Simon Emmerson (ed.) - Music, Electronic Media, and Culture

Simon Frith and Simon Zigorski-Thomas (ed.) - The Art of Record Production

Jonathan Sterne (ed.) - The Sound Studies Reader

Alexander Weheliye - Phonographies: Grooves in Sonic Afro-Modernity

Gear Reviews
(Free and open source resources for audio plug-ins etc)
(Forum for reviews, help, etc)

Synth Anatomy

Purchasing Equipment



Other Topics + Resources
(excellent tutorials on SuperCollider)

Stanford Center for Computer Music Research and Acoustics (CCRMA)

Columbia Computer Music Center

(toolkit for computer-aided musicology by Michael Scott Cuthbert)

(toolkit computer-aided musicology, by David Huron)